Friday, June 17, 2011

Columbus Socialite of the Week: MELISSA KASS

Happy Friday!

On this sunny day, there is so much going on this weekend! I'll get to more of that towards the end of this post as it's time to feature my Columbus Socialite of the Week!

She is by far the sweetest and most beautiful woman and I've enjoyed getting to know her over the past few years, including when I was on the event committee with her for BalletMet's Dance with the Dancers a couple years ago. She's always so kind and goes out of her way to say hello and make you feel welcome. She also has a caring heart as she's been heavily involved with Flying Horse Farms. Not only is she a great friend, but a wonderful wife and mother of two.
So who is the Fabulous Friday Feature...


Miss C.S. - By far Favorite thing to do in Columbus:

MK: Anything outside in the nice weather with my husband, kiddos and friends!

Miss C.S. - Favorite Restaurant in the City:

MK: Rigsby's

Miss C.S. - Favorite Hidden Gem:

MK: Vonn Jazz & Supperclub

Miss C.S. - Favorite Shop/Store:

MK: Rowe Boutique

Miss C.S. - Best Party or Scene in the City:

MK: Best Party: BalletMet's Dance with the Dancers!
MK: Best Scene: Gallery Hop in the Short North. The people watching and the energy is fantastic!

Miss C.S. - Best Quality of a Person:

MK: Loyalty

Miss C.S. - Charity of Choice:

MK: Flying Horse Farms

Miss C.S. - Craziest thing you’ve bought:

MK: Hmmmm....I almost ended up with a pair of blue sequined leggings not too long ago. Thankfully common sense prevailed! So, I guess it would be the hot pink hair extensions I purchased for my daughter's Halloween costume.

Miss C.S. – What got you involved with Flying Horse Farms:

MK: When my daughter was born, we were blindsided by an undiagnosed arrhythmia when she was only 7 days old. We spent almost 2 weeks at Nationwide Children's Hospital while the doctors worked to find the right combination of medications to control her racing heart. I can remember feeling terrified, broken hearted and powerless to help her. It made me so sad to think that she might not have the childhood we had envisioned for her and completely taken for granted. Luckily, it is something that we have been able to manage and she lives her life without any physical restrictions. However, I will never forget how it feels to be a parent of a sick child facing the possibility of a "new normal" and having to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Flying Horse Farms was the perfect opportunity for me and my whole family to give chronically/terminally ill children a chance to experience a piece of childhood that would have seemed impossible - a trip to camp! At camp, they are able to forget about their health problems and just be a kid. At FHF, they spend a week camping with other kids who have the same disease as they do. This gives them a chance to relate to their peers, and make friends in a way that they are not comfortable enough to do in a real world setting. The emotional support they gain from each other is invaluable! On the flip side, it also provides their parents with an opportunity to see their kids have a blast and come home REALLY, REALLY happy!

Miss C.S. – How can people get involved with Flying Horse Farms:

MK: Visit our website for volunteer opportunities, and lists of outstanding items that are still needed for the camp. Or, host an event with your business associates, friends and family that would be interested in learning more about our mission and supporting it! We also conduct tours of the camp for those who want to know's an amazing place to see and be. It will literally change your life.

Miss C.S. – What other nonprofits are you involved with around town:

MK: BalletMet, TWIG and Lifeline of Ohio

Miss C.S. – What makes a non-profit gala stand out from another:

MK: The guest list! Fun people are always a must for a successful event!

Miss C.S. - Finish the sentence, “If I could do anything in the World, I would…”

MK: Alleviate all suffering. (just a small thing, right?)

Miss C.S. - In ONE word, a Columbus Socialite is:

MK: Open-minded

Melissa, you are a true gem and treat for this community. Thank you for all you do. You are an amazing and talented lady!

Before listing a couple events to check out this weekend, check out this recent clip on NBC4 featuring Flying Horse Farms. Click here for clip.

First off, "Happy 30th Anniversary" to Stonewall Columbus as they celebrate Pride today and tomorrow at Goodale Park! I'll be working The Other Paper booth, so be sure to stop by! Details of the event can be found at You do not want to miss the Pride Parade tomorrow at 12 p.m.! I can't wait!

The Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival also kicks off today and will go until Sunday! Take your Dad to Mezzo for a brunch special (and ticket to festival included) on Sunday for a Father's Day treat!

Enjoy your weekend!

Eventing off,
Miss C.S.

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So great to see you featured here! Thank you for your support of organ and tissue donation.

- Your Friends at Lifeline of Ohio